Pre-launch Vlog Episode 1

Pre-launch vlog episode 2

Pre-launch vlog episode 3

Check out this great video

Pre-Launch Vlog Episode 4

Pre-Launch Vlog Episode 5

Pre-Launch Vlog Episode 6

A Real Day in the Life of a Startup

Pre-Launch Vlog episode 7

Pre-Launch vlog Episode 8

Pre-Launch Vlog 9- The first of all three of us!

This is the first vlog where all three of us are active in it!

Pre-launch vlog 10 1 Million Cups presentation

Pre-Launch vlog 11 the first build part 1

Pre-launch vlog episode 12

Pre-launch vlog episode 13 The first parties!

Prepping for Events! Now Loading Pre-Launch Vlog 14

More Event Footage! Pre-Launch Vlog 15

SAFE kid's day 2019 Pre-Launch Vlog Episode 16